Motorola XT907 & XT926 GSM Unlock tutorial


Reposting source from XDA

In the beginning wound like to share my experience with Motorola QC Drivers on Win 7 & Win 7 x64.

On the 32 drivers installed successfully and I was able to connect to “COM8” thru CDMA Workshop

On x64 I had to play with drivers manually…you can always search for solution in the Internet :)


Thanks again to dragonhart6505 from XDA!!!



1: get the Motorola QC Diagnostics driver to install. hard with Win7 x64, but be diligent it does work.
2: boot your XT907/XT926 into BP Tools mode (Vol Up and Down + Power, scroll down to BP Tools hit Vol Up)
3: connect to your computer
4: open CDMA WS 2.7 or higher
5: connect to your COM Port and press CONNECT
6: click the SECURITY tab and enter 000000 as SPC and click SEND
7: click the MAIN tab and click READ *dunno if you need to but I did for safe measure*
8: click the MEMORY tab and select READ under NV ITEMS. dismiss the SPC prompt
9: First Item to read is 8322. Last Item to read is 8323. click SAVE and name the .txt file whatever you want, just remember where you put it
10: open the .txt file you just saved and under 8322 you will see 01 00 00 00 00 etc. change 01 to 00 and save the .txt file. DONT CHANGE 8323!!!
11: back in CDMA WS click WRITE under NV ITEMS. dismiss the SPC prompt again
12: find the .txt file you just edited and click OK
13: reboot the phone and put in your preferred Sim
14: in Settings go to More… under Wireless Networks and change your Network Mode to GSM/UMTS

I have bought 3 XT926 and 1 XT907 models on Ebay and this trick worked for me flawlessly…